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Welcome ترحيب Marhaban

Welcome to the oasis of Bahariya

The Bahariya Oasis is the smallest oasis in western Egypt and the base of White Desert Travel. It is located in the Western Desert of Egypt, between Dakhla and Cairo. The White Desert is the most famous and touristic part of Bawiti. Here, the wind has formed over the years, remarkable lime cliffs in the shape of mushrooms and cones.
Most of the Bahariya region consists of plantations where the water from the natural springs richly flows through concrete channels. A simple system that works! Here the people sharing.
At each plantation are small villages where people live. No one lives on the plantation, which is a workplace. All inhabitants of Bahariya have originally entitled to a piece of land of the joint plantation but over time, people who do not want their parcel farmer digs to those who wanted to be farmers. And so began a wonderful interplay between supply and demand. Instead of the period in which everyone had to grow his own piece arose larger plots thus more 'crop of the same' and non-farmers resulted in the residential communities for barter or sale. And so it still goes mostly.

The harvested fruit, dates and fresh fruit from the plantations are traded in the village where the shopkeepers take care of the distribution from their small shops in the narrow village streets. Watermelons are placed on the street to the man, who are seasonal and take up too much space in the small shops. The hens are slaughtered on the spot as soon as the buyer agrees with the price of live chicken.
It's party time as the date harvest comes. Dates to be eaten all year round but the fresh are surely the very best!
All fruit, vegetables, tomatoes, meat, eggs taste like they should taste! Everything is plenty of sun-ripened and unsprayed. Even the bread is very tastefully by the healthy wheat.

The last remaining salt lake of the oasis located on the edge of the plantation. Previously, the salt from the lakes mined for a prosperous industry. Nowadays this is only done to favourably influence. The high salinity of groundwater around this lake is several species in the most beautiful colours to perceive.
Bahariya is actually a great cultural place and to this day there are still treasures excavated from ancient times today. Large parts of the oasis are defined by the government, because no one counts and / or building. Chances are that there are many historical discoveries will be made. In the near future

five cultural sites are officially made available recently for public. Previously there were even tourists but now one may often only visit the locations led by a guide and with a valid ticket.