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Who we are

Who works at White Desert Travel Company

White Desert Travel Company is a group of experienced desert drivers and guides.
They are all Bedouins and live in Bahariya oasis in the Egyptian Western Desert.

White Desert Travel Company was created by the connection between two cultures. The local desert dwellers, the Bedouin, who led by Mohamed Fathy vouch for years for the organization and supervision of desert trips and Sophia Dijkuizen, since 2000 under the spell of the deserts and the profound experience of it with several people to share and along this off the hot desert dwellers want to support.
We like to let you taste the unique experience of experiencing the beauty of the desert. We wish that love, warmth, joy, peace and beauty gave us direction to our journey. We do this from our heart, passion, and playfulness.
Welcome to this unique experience!

Mohamed Fathy

Is the manager / owner of White Desert Travel Company.
He has years of experience in guiding tourists in Egypt, first as a driver-guide at different tour manager and now as owner-driver and guide at White Desert Travel Company.
The organization and execution of the trips he is supported by a group of experienced drivers and cooks.

Mahmoud Fathy   Mostafa Fathy

Sophia Dijkhuizen

Knows the desert very well now. "But 'just' never becomes:" The overwhelming beauty of nature continues to amaze me, "she says.
She has travelled through the desert both individually and in groups. These experiences for many years and her own experience as a coach, she put them in during the trips to ensure an in-depth guidance, the experience gives an extra dimension. These experiences and her own experience as a coach, she put them in during the trips to ensure in-depth guidance, which gives the experience an extra dimension.
By leading from her heart and her passion for the desert and living her life she wants to inspire people to do the same.