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What we do

White Desert Travel Company organizes tours throughout Egypt, the Western Desert, Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, etc. We will show you a wide range of tours, which can be adjusted to your own desires and needs. You can decide how, when, where, and for how many days. Almost anything is possible. You can be the trip of your dreams own plans. For our organization are your wishes our goal, for short or long periods, for a day or for several weeks.


Group are travelling with a fixed program and data set. Sometimes there are small changes be applied, for example, in the program by weather conditions.

Individuele reizen

Individual tours.

- Same program as a group, but at a date of their own.
- Self determine the destination and number of days.
- A number of desert days as part of a tour through Egypt.
- For each trip is that you can control yourself traveling.
- If you want to travel only is this possible.

Family tours

Special tours for families with children.

Local viewings in Bawiti

In Bawiti is much to see.

Excursions of one day or several days, with or without overnight stay in the desert or in a hotel, to combine with a desert trip around Bawiti.