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Practical information

About the accommodation

In Cairo and Luxor we stay in a good hotel on a bed and breakfast in double rooms with shower and toilet. A single room can be booked at additional costs. The nights in Bawiti and Dahkla we stay in one of the resorts there. They are attractive and are on the edge of the villages. The rooms are fine, comfortable, tastefully furnished and equipped with a spacious bathroom. In the desert we have wild camping without facilities. A base camp built where you can sleep, but you can also look for a spot in the sand, which offers more privacy. We provide the necessary mattresses, blankets and cotton bed spreads. If you want a sleeping bag, you take it myself

About the meals

When we stay in a hotel this is based on bed and breakfast. In the evening we go out to eat together in a fine restaurant near the hotel. To move a packed lunch included. The kitchen in Egypt is tasty, not too fat in general and rarely sharp. The Egyptian cuisine has many meat dishes. Especially the lamb is often wonderfully prepared. Besides the meat and hot vegetable dishes are often served small cold dishes such as tahina (sesame seed paste), hummus (chickpea salad) and baba ganouch (eggplant salad). Often these dishes supplemented with rice and bread. It is also known falafel, a dish of fried balls of mashed chickpeas. The coffee- and teahouses is Arabic coffee served: a small cup of strong coffee with lots of sugar. In addition, much karkadee (hibiscus) tea and mint tea drunk.

In the desert, all meals in the traditional Bedouin way, as fresh as possible and prepared with care. The way the Bedouin cooking shows you how they had previously survived thousands of years in the desert. Every day in the desert 3 meals are prepared. The breakfast consists of bread or pancakes, cheese, jam, falafel, omelette or boiled egg. For lunch of salads to be drilled and is composed of bread with various toppings. And dinner consists of soup, main course and fruit for dessert. The meal ends with Bedouin Tea, a small cup of sweet, strong tea. For the road we take enough fruit, cookies, coffee / tea and spring water along to strengthen throughout the day the inner man. There is always plenty of drinking water.

About staying in the desert

Sleeping under the stars is a great experience, every time. And also to have toilet in the desert is not an everyday experience. The whole desert can your bathroom, but for a little privacy, you sometimes have to walk a bit, there is always to find a spot. Just to relieve you dig a hole and then covered it with sand. We take toilet paper with you, after you use burned with a lighter. You can also bring wipes you do then in a plastic bag. We provide large trash bags. In the morning there are bottles of water ready to wash and also bring your own wet washcloths is convenient. We regularly visit sources where you can wash. Take a flashlight if you want it to stand overnight. On Except sometimes mosquitoes in the areas near an oasis you will encounter little insects in the desert.

However, desert foxes as it became dark. This small nocturnal animals that resemble our fox, can be very brutal and very funny. They are totally harmless evening, a campfire and sometimes music made by the Bedouins, singing and dancing. You can order alcoholic beverages and we take it. Alcohol is expensive in Egypt.

Travel Documents


For a stay in Egypt you need a visa, which is valid for 30 days maximal. You can obtain this visa upon arrival at the airport. The cost (2012) is USD 15.00 (approx € 11.00). With your newly completed visa stamp and travel card, which you provided in the plane, go through customs. Also when you leave, you fill yet a travel card. The visa stamp is stamped at customs with a date stamp and is valid with an extension period of two weeks a month.

Permits for visiting desert areas

For a longer visit one day for some desert areas, a security permit be requested. For this you need to send along with your application. Four passport copies NB Change of this information is possible! Even if you do not have Dutch nationality, different rules apply.

Money on a journey

Except for some dinners at the hotel days have little additional cost. You should consider the purchase of a visa upon arrival at the airport in Cairo, € 15, - per person. In addition, you have to consider a relatively high amount of tip money (bakshis); you take about 100 Egyptian pounds per person for the tour leader. In Egypt, the wages low. A tip is therefore regarded as a part of the salary. For all kinds of services is therefore requested a tip. For example, using the toilet two Egyptian pounds. It is of course up to you to display more or less. In addition, you do need money for personal expenses: drinks, souvenirs, etc.

And what's more

- it is not always clean in Egypt, try to look with rose-colored glasses.
- Time plays no role in Egypt. This is not always easy, but a way for us to 'escape'.
- The tour guide speaks Dutch, English and German and of course Arabic.
- In Egypt, expert doctors and good hospitals. The facilities are not as in the Netherlands, but the care is excellent.
- Do not take your entire luggage into the desert. A great weekend bag is not enough. We ensure the storage of your other luggage.
- In addition, you still need money for personal expenses: drinks, souvenirs, etc.

Golden rules for adaptation to the unusually warm Egyptian climate: