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Individual tours

Even if you come to Egypt on your own and do not want to participate in a planned our journey, you are welcome to join us to go on an adventure. A trip with a land cruiser, by camel or a walking tour, it's all possible.

You can program planned by our experience, but then select the data you out and from the companions who have yourself. And even if you prefer travelling alone is possible.

We will do everything to make all your experiences memorable. We take you to the stile and to adventurous places in the deserts, allowing you to create your own memories and experiences to take back home. Each desert adventure is a unique experience, for both adventurers and for those who search for inner peace.

Family travel

A family travel is for people who, together with their family and kids want to experience Egypt. Also for these trips is that you can create for yourself dates and program and we make sure that it will be a unique experience including for children.

Egypt has a lot to offer children and the tourist. After all it is the land of Tutankhamen and this speaks to many children's imagination. The tomb of Tutankhamen is therefore to visit during the trip family adventure. The Pyramids of Giza should not be missed on a trip to Egypt. The desert speaks to the imagination of children and "may" therefore not be missed.

A holiday to Egypt with all the highlights of the culture, but also with enough time to enjoy everyday Egyptian life. In Cairo you get all the time to visit the famous pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum and experience the magical atmosphere.

An alternate family trip along the highlights of the Egyptian culture, which also offers you plenty of time to deal with everyday life knowledge.