Founder of safari camp hotel and off Road travel company.

Famously known as “Ahmed Safari” or “Haj Ahmed”, Ahmed Abdel Rahim purchased a Land Cruiser in 1977 that was only manufactured two years prior in 1975.

Haj Ahmed would use his car to explore Farafra and Bahareya. Eventually his many years of driving back and forth earned him recognition within the tourist community.

At the time, Haj Ahmed’s primary job was as a teacher, but his career shift first began when he met a German tourist at the Bahareya Oasis.

This German tourist wanted to travel to the White Desert and since Haj Ahmed used to travel there frequently, he decided to take the German tourist on the trip.

The German tourist turned out to be a famous writer in Germany and later wrote a great review noting “Haj Ahmed is the best person to plan a safari trip in this little oasis” and recommended that everyone planning to visit the Oasis to hire “Ahmed Safari.”.

This trip sparked a passion for safari and travelling for Haj Ahmed, and even inspired him with the idea of opening his own Safari business. Through all the Safari excursions, Haj Ahmed rapidly gained a reputation and popularity all over the area.

Eventually he decided to take his business to the next level, and established an idea for a camp to host all tourists visiting the Oasis.

The project was first launched in 1980 when Haj Ahmed set in motion construction plans for “Ahmed Safari Camp”.

There were many delays in the camp’s establishment due to lack of funds, but Haj Ahmed had faith in the camp’s success, and remained patient throughout its development. Today, Haj Ahmed owns one of the largest camps in the Bahareya Oasis.

He’s the only one from Bahareya that has successfully developed and sustained a business for over 40 years.

Throughout the years his children Ezz, Amir, Essam and Badr have helped Haj Ahmed carry the camp’s numerous responsibilities, and it has since expanded to a family business operated by all 5 of them.

The camp now has 30 rooms, and a travel agency that plans and executes various touristic services, called Off Road Travel Known as White Desert Travel.

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Our vision

To be indispensable to our customers ; providing the best quality tours at the
most affordable prices.

To be a leader in the travel industry by focusing on customer satisfactions, our
people, our community, growth, innovation, technology, efficiency and

Our employees strive every day to achieve our vision and make our strategies
work .

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best service to our
clients. We are focusing on the long term
business with the client.
Expand our relationship with airlines, charter
flight operators, hotels, tour operators and travel
agents within Egypt as well as overseas
To value our guests’ needs above all else and give them the best vacation
To provide our guests with as much information as they need regarding the
places they’ll visit.