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White Desert Travel: From Oasis Explorer to Desert Pioneer

White Desert Travel was started in 1977 with Ahmed Abdel Rahim, also known as “Ahmed Safari,” who transformed his career from teacher to desert explorer after guiding a German writer through the White Desert and gaining recognition. Despite limited financial resources, this endorsement motivated him to open “Ahmed Safari Camp” in 1980. Today, led by Haj Ahmed and his sons, the camp and Off Road Travel agency provides extensive desert experiences, reflecting over 40 years of family-run hospitality in the Bahareya Oasis.

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Empowering Desert Journeys: Our Mission, Vision, and Values

We’re redefining desert exploration through accessible, genuine adventures. Aspiring to be the top choice for exploring Egypt’s wonders, our company is committed to sustainability, excellence, and building a global community of adventurers, carrying on a legacy of innovation and passion in desert travel.


Transform desert travel through authentic, accessible adventures guided by 'Ahmed Safari's' legacy


To become the top choice for desert explorers, connecting them with Egypt's natural wonders through eco-friendly adventures.


Ensure accessibility, prioritise sustainability, work for excellence, and build a global adventure community.

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