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5 Things To Know Before You Travel To EGYPT

Are you in the process of planning your Egyptian vacation? Planning a vacation always involves mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness.

If you are interested in exploring diverse cultures around the world, Egypt’s white desert safari is something that should be on your wish list.

Here are some Egypt travel tips that will help you prepare for your vacation and also help set expectations for your visit.

1. Get a Visa

You can get a renewable single-entry tourist visa once you arrive at the airport. The single-entry tourist visa is valid for 30 days. The tourist entry visa costs USD 25. You can also get an e-visa beforehand through the official government portal. Getting an e-visa can help you avoid delays at the airport.

2. Have Enough Cash on Hand

While some stores accept credit cards, to shop freely you need to have cash on hand. You will find ATMs at hotels and large tourist sites. However, to avoid any issues withdrawing cash at ATMs let your bank know about your travel plans. You can also exchange cash for the local currency at the airport. Having cash on hand is important when travelling to Egypt. Most places want cash.

3. Driving in Egypt

I would recommend against driving in Egypt. Mainly because of two reasons. First, the traffic can be insane with a lot of beeping which can add stress to your trip. Secondly, there are a lot of checkpoints with armed guards which require you to show paperwork. 

4. Experiencing Egypt with a Guide

Egypt is a place where paying for a guide is completely worth it. Because most people visit the country to learn about the ancient culture and sites. A guide can help you learn this information. Also, having a guide means you will not be hassled by the street vendors, and you want to be accompanied but a person who speaks Arabic.

5. Get a Local SIM card

You can’t rely on public Wi-Fi if you are planning to get some work done. It is better to get a local SIM Card because all Wi-Fi functions by sending an SMS code to an Egyptian mobile number.


These are some basic things to know if you are planning a tour to Egypt from USA. The travel tips ensure a smooth experience for you. 

With White Desert Travel, choose from the best travel packages that suit your travel needs. We offer handpicked Egypt packages such as Bahariya Oasis tour which is one of the well-known tourist attractions in the region.

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